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OptinMate is designed for every website that needs to get the most out of its visitors.

Whether you are selling or promoting a product, looking to increase your social fanbase or simply want more traffic, OptinMate will help you in many ways.

1. Build your email list fast.

The email list is the base of your online business. Without an email list you have no online business. You should have a good list building system in place so that your can collect emails effectively and grow your business daily.

OptinMate is the best way to go to achieve best list building results.

2. Sell or promote products

If you are selling a product on your website, whether your own or as an affiliate, OptinMate will help you with your promotion.

3. Increase your social audience

Using its built-in social widgets, you can easily collect more social followers on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

And this is just scratching the surface. Thank to its flexibility, OptinMate can also be used for dozens of other purposes.

Short answer, YES!

OptinMate is compatible with all kinds of websites no matter what system they are based on. It doesn’t necessarily have to be WordPress.

We also provide a WordPress plugin for WordPress users and a Shopify app for Shopify merchants.

If you have questions about integration with your own website, please contact us using the form on this page.

Yes. No technical skill is required to use OptinMate.

One of the best features that make OptinMate stand out of its competition is its easy to use drag & drop builder.

We made sure every piece of the software is super easy to use and we explain every bit in detailed video tutorials.

Moreover, we are also available on support whenever you need help.

OptinMate is build in a way so that it only grabs the files it needs in a compressed way to ensure maximum speed.

If you have millions of page views per day or just a few dozens, our top notch cloud based infrastructure will handle your traffic at an optimal speed.